Tuesday, September 10, 2013

i miss my Best friend

ِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم


seperti yang anda maklum kalau anda pernah baca post sebelum ni mengenai BFF aku dah kahwin and now i'm all alone.. she's now too busy with her marriage i guess.. cause everytime i'll try to text her either whatssapp or anything she maybe reply and some not reply at all.. now even worse she doesn't even have time to text and even see me.. but i bare with that.. she different now i guess.. i still remember our day as BFF once she said that eventhough she has married she will never forget me.. but i think that's not true.. i truely accept that people come and go in our life.. maybe for a better..

but live must go on, although i maybe not found substitute BFF like her.. i just miss the moment that we had like BFF conversation.. now i don't have friend to talk about personal things anymore.. almost anything either.. i know maybe i don't understand her cause she now a married person not like me single and nothing to commit right.. and maybe she doesn't have anything to talk about to me since i am not married right.. like she like to get pregnant and so on.. things that a married person like to talk or what so ever.. and i am not a part of it.. i mean...hmmm..its sad though.. you know what i mean right.. not that i wanna to get involved in her married life just i want my friend back just like before..

best friend who will comfort me,
best friend who will stay by me by my side,
best friend who will hear my story,
best friend who will ........ and lots more....

maybe i just miss her.....

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