Monday, January 30, 2017

Are you really a friend?

Friend?? Relative?? they all sometimes gone when you need them. That time you knew who your true friend or who your real relative are? From my experience, people will come and act they knew you ONLY when you're rich or you're a celebrity or successful business people. 

Other time they act like they didnt know you a bit. Whether it's a friends or relative. They unfriend or unfollow or even unlike you profile or post in social media just because you post something or selling or promoting online. 

Yeah I get it we aren't close enough right?? 

Not close enough like family member or sibling but that's okay. 
Even though deep down I feel disappointed of them, but that's human nature. 

I still support their business eventhough they .... You know right. But sometimes my dark sides are stronger than my light sides. Sometimes in my heart said " go to **** like i care". I just human being, i have feeling too.

If it a friend who does it it's OK to me. But if it a relative i can't tolerate it.  

Anyways actually they don't matter much to me really. 

I should be more focusing to those who really support me in my hard times or good times. That what matter most.

For those who didn't know i just started my online business. I AM AN AGENT OF MARY JARDIN product. You can follow me on instagram: @hanna.maryjardinagent

Mary Jardin is a 100% natural & organic skincare made in MALAYSIA.

I think you all knew that i am an acute eczema patient. That's why i used organic product on my skin, i will tell you more on my next post.

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