Tuesday, April 19, 2016


hai semua..

how was your day? mine was so-so.. hmm

actually i don't have a heart to just stay there and work there..

but what to do.. that's all the choice i have right now..

right now i have PLAN A & PLAN B for my future..

But i'm not sure whether PLAN B can be continue if i got other job..

can you all pray for me..?? thank you..

i need to lend your strength and your prayer for a while in order for me to work at this hospital..

from January until now.. i have been 'maki' or insult (in english) by some client especially relative of the patient or insurance agent.. it is because of medical report..

the problem is the standard procedure of our hospital was the report will be ready in 14 working days, yet so many of them want it faster but apply very-very late.

and in the end who is going to get the insult, we are the medical record department.

they should know that the report will be done by doctor either by writing a letter or using the insurance form that they provided when they apply for medical report.

some of them bought a wrong form and insult us. i don't know how they become agent insurance if they also didn't know the right form?!!

if the patient bring the wrong form i get it but if it was provided by the agent OMG.. the agent get angry cause they think that is the right form.

There were also the relative of the patient who want the report in 3 days. YA ALLAH..

because medical record is 'orang tengah' so yang kena maki hamun is us.

kadang ada jugak yang kena sound dengan doktor (alhamdulillah yang ni aku belum kena lagi).

hosnestly i am telling you i am also tidak la sangat penyabar, tapi hanya disebabkan kerja ini aku terpaksa bersabar with their attitude.


BUT THE ONE WITH NO ATTITUDE, .............................................

aku paling tak tahan kena maki hamun dengan orang, kena marah sikit-sikit aku tahan lagi ni tahap parah, sampai nak belasah aku.

throw the form away in front of me, mengamuk what the....

aku tak tahu la.. salah satu sebab yang kuat aku nak berhenti ialah sebab tak tahan sangat dengan kerja ni.. cukup-cukup la kena maki hamun.. cukup-cukup la deal dengan orang..especially medical report..

ikut hati memang aku nak resign but aku fikir nanti takde duit pulak nak bayar atau beli apa-apa nanti hmm..

korang doa-doakan aku dapat kerja lain yang bukan kerja hospital..

terima kasih semua, only ALLAH can pay all your prayer for me..

thank you again.

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