Friday, May 22, 2015

Truth hurts / Kebenaran itu pahit


If many of you readers have read the tittle i guess you would know what this post about right?

Yup it is about truth or in malay 'KEBENARAN'.

Indeed that truth may hurt you, but i believe it is better than you don't know the truth at all. If you don't know or didn't want to know, you will be wondering for the rest of your life not knowing it.

I always believe that we should always seek the TRUTH. About what we didn't know or maybe we know about it a bit but doesn't quite sure. 

Recently or should i say 'sudah lama dah' I knew about the news it just i want the certainty whether what i knew is really happening. Surprisingly YES.

It is happening but i shouldn't blame him cause i let him go. I AM THE ONE who asked him to go to her so i should know better. Maybe after i broke his heart he went for her, so i supposedly shouldn't be too surprise right?.


Because I don't showed him that i really care for him or love him maybe? So that's why he gave up on me and went for her. Probably right?..

UNFORTUNATELY I am a little bit disappointed cause THE TRUTH REALLY HURT ME.

But i know what i feel, i am so true about what i said  how I LOVED HIM. I know he love me too by the way of his action towards me.

Although it disappoint me but i should let go about the past right.

I dua' for him everyday eventhough i knew the truth. I just want to know the truth cause i don't want to be wonder all my life what really happen..but actually it's only a little bit of the truth not all cause the rest of the story i still don't know..

And yes i still wondering what is the rest of the story but how they met? how and..
Why? why?

Although it was too late....i just hmm..

If you can understand what i feel right now maybe you would know better....

BUT DON'T WORRY I accept it...Itu semua takdir ALLAH..

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