Saturday, March 11, 2017

Darkness consume


What are you guys doing?

I want to make a clear statement. I know since that incident happened in my life. I've changed.

I'm not the old Hanna anymore. Not the good one. Maybe darkness have consume me little bit.

I'm also feel sorry for myself. I try..

Maybe i fail the test that ALLAH sent me. By giving the human love.

A person that love me the way i am.

I know i found true love after i have love ALLAH with all my heart. I found him (arwah). Then ALLAH took him away from me. That is the biggest test in my life.

[Read here IAM4U]

After that all of me have changed. I'm a human after all. I'm weak. I keep it too long in my heart.

Then ALLAH took my beloved cat Fiddle. That was the saddest moment in my life since arwah gone.

Then I don't know what happen to me. I walk with no soul left in me. All of the love in my heart have gone completely.

That gave a scar in my heart.

I know i have to love ALLAH completely first. I have to get a strong connection with ALLAH like i used to be. Then i will find the one maybe.

😞 That doesn't important anymore.

What important now is i have to make sure i don't repeat my mistake right?

I hope ALLAH forgive me. And i hope i can be more better version than the old Hanna.

Please pray for me ok.

Thank you dear.

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