Thursday, March 30, 2017

Masih di hati

You know what..

Ternyata kau masih dalam hati aku A..

Betapa rindunya aku pada kau..

The Day You Left

I remember laying in bed,
Thinking of you and feeling such dread

I felt a pain and all the cracks,
I did not realize I would never get you back

My tears were sudden and none withstanding,
My grief, a shriek, my pain overbearing

I only I knew all your own sorrow and pain,
I would have tried to save you I had so much to gain

But I was to late and you let me go
Now I just wish for you to know
I love you and it will always grow

Semenjak dua tiga menjak ni..mungkin sebab tarikh lahir aku dengan kau selang 2 hari sahaja..aku 24 haribulan kau 26 haribulan..aku teringat-ingat kau..

Tak sangka menitis juga air mata aku..
Masuk habuk mungkin..

Saja nak letak poem ni..

Aku insya ALLAH tetap akan mendoakan kau walaupun kau sekarang berada dalam dakapan ilahi..

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